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Many people like metal roofing because of the distinct look it's known for. But did you know that this roofing option comes in dozens of styles, including some that mimic the appearance of other materials? There are options that match nearly any sort of home, such as Victorian, Tudor, craftsman, or contemporary. Homeowners can choose from many different colors and materials to match the overall appearance of their property. Click this
There is more to metal roofing which just looks. There are significant benefits which make it a viable option for just about every homeowner. Let us take a look at some of those advantages:
1) They're energy efficient. These roofs act as a natural coolant for the home, keeping inside temperatures cool as things get hot outside. This may lead to measurable cost savings on power bills, which grow tremendously once the homeowner turns on the air conditioning. During the winter season, those same bills may be reduced by 10%. Residents of states where high-temperature temperatures are common will especially enjoy the free cooling effects.
2) They last for a long time. Many experts list the life of metal roofing in a period of over 100 years. That means homeowners won't ever have to worry about the hassle or expense of replacing their roof in the long run. Many of the asphalt shingles available now have a life span of just 10-15 years. Panels are put together in an interwoven pattern that makes maximum wind resistance. A large percentage of repair costs for conventional roofs stems from wind damage, so this benefit can really save the owner some money. Metal roofing is secure from this hazard.
5) They are lightweight. Though it is comparable in many ways to the more conventional choices, metal roofing generally weighs less. This puts less strain on the house's overall structure and support system.
6) They increase the resale value of a home. Research indicates that as much as 60% of the cost of the new roof could be added to the value of the house. Prospective property buyers will recognize the potential for costs savings when they see the investment you've made.
7) They are recyclable. With a lifetime of over 100 years, a homeowner who installs the new roof will never need to replace ithowever, future owners and environmentally minded folks will appreciate knowing that these systems are 100% recyclable.